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Exposing Scheduled jobs in an App?

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Hello -


Coming to the board with this one to get an idea of how to do something. We have a process established where dozens of workflows are scheduled that grab SharePoint Lists, then a metadata and data file are formed from each run and injested thru a script we've setup to populate an Azure Synapse data warehouse with 'views' generated from those runs. If users have modified their SP lists, they can do so whenever they like and the process will either 1) drop and create a new table if a new schema is detected (columns added/changed, new datatype forced) 2) truncate/load data from the List when it's determined there is new data that has been loaded 3) do nothing, because conditions 1 or 2 aren't met - no meta/data file is generated for that scheduled run.


Since these runs occur on a multitude of differing schedules, mostly based on who is looking at what Tableau dashboard, and how important it's deemed to be in terms of refreshes - our Tableau developers would like to see the changes from modifications to those SharePoint Lists on an ad hoc basis.


So here is the question, finally. I want to be able to develop an app that will show all of the scheduled runs of X flavor on the server (all of these jobs share a prefix of SPAT - SharePoint Automated Transfer) so that when a SharePoint List owner changes some aspect of their List, they can request that the job scheduled runs ad hoc, rather than whatever the scheduled time for that run normally occurs. 


So, the app will need to be able to show:

1) A filtered set of workflows with 'SPAT_xxxx_xxx' prefixes, so they can find the applicable workflow that matches the view in Synapse

2) Hitting 'Run' that will run that ad hoc

3) (Want, not need) - Show the Scheduled runs for that workflow (M-F 8:00 AM)


I need to be able to figure out how I can show what's in MongoDb, and make that viewable in the app.


TIA for any ideas or guidance!

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So as always, good to do some more in depth scouring before asking. Looks like utilization of the MongoDb CLI schema will probably get me most of the way there. https://help.alteryx.com/20213/server/alteryxservice-mongodb-schema. Now, if anyone has practice putting it to use in an app and wants to give some pointers.....😉


Hi @salbol1 - You will be better off leveraging Alteryx APIs rather than dealing with MongoDB directly. In this article you will get an idea of how this is possible: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Engine-Works/Using-the-Alteryx-API-from-Alteryx/ba-p/318565