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Error upon upload to FTP


Hi Team,


I followed this link to upload my file to an ftp server.  But, I keep getting this error in the download tool "Error transferring data: Couldn't connect to server".


Here are a few screenshots to show that everything is exactly the same as the link.  I've triple checked my login/pw.  The container with the SharePoint and Browse works great and exports to SharePoint perfectly the way I want in .csv.  Also, I've logged in to the test ftp location manually to make sure it exists.  Also, I was getting a string limit error in the formula tool.  So, I changed it from 64 to 256, and still got an error.   I'm missing something and hope you can help.  




Overall: Bird'd eye view of Workflow

























Blob Field:

























Download tool showing Basic Tab/Payload tab/Connection tabs.  









Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Kristin 


Couple of quick ideas:


  1. Have you tried copying your blob convert and download tools into another workflow and uploading a random test file? This will help identify if it's the file itself or the configuration of the download tool that's causing the issue.
  2. This might be nothing but I notice that your filenames have dots in them. Have you tried removing these?




Hi Jaime,


Thanks for your response.  I figured out the reason I'm getting an error.  It's SFTP.  I confirmed this morning it's not FTP. 


But, now I have to figure out how to get all 8 files up from the folder.  It seemed to only pull in one file.  Do you know the tweak required to make it dynamic?  I tried to put a asterisk but that failed.  If I don't hear back, I'll assume I need to start a new thread.  



Kristin Benbow