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Enable/Disable Schedules using PUT /v3/schedules/{id} API Call

5 - Atom



We recently upgraded to 2021.4 and have started to utilize API V3. We wanted to use the PUT /v3/schedules/{id} (Edit Schedule) API call to only enable and disable workflow schedules. 


After using the Swagger documentation, it seems like it is not possible to only enable/disable a job, you have to change its iteration as well. We do not want that, we only want to disable or enable a schedule with the API. Is it possible to do this? 


Any help is appreciated, thank you.

5 - Atom

Please tell me that the API call created to edit schedules has the option to only enable/disable schedules without altering the actual schedule....

11 - Bolide

All of my testing has lead me to believe that this endpoint is essentially useless, because (as you mentioned) of the iteration requirement.  It's an absolute headache and drastically decreases the useability.

7 - Meteor

Same here, current endpoint asking all schedule details which make disable reenable not straight forward. 

eg: start time need rep populate as won't accept time in past. Same behavior from web ui which also made disable reenable annoying when we have pages of schedule to stop before system maintenance. 

14 - Magnetar

Unfortunately, the enpoint to update a schedule requires the iteration, start time, end time and a few other parameters. Maybe Alteryx change this in the future.