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Does File browse tool work on gallery?

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Hi All,


I have developed one workflow on Alteryx designer 2019. Where i used file browse tool to browse the file from my desktop.


I have deployed this workflow on Alteryx Server gallery.

While accessing this workflow from my local machine through gallery URL is it possible to browse the excel file from my local desktop machine?

If yes then what is the file size limitation to browse the file. Because i have excel file which size is approx. 85 MB. I have most of the inputs whos size is greater than 70 MB.


Also i am using MS Edge browser to run the Alteryx workflow. Does file browse tool is compatible with MS EDGE. If no, then there is any alternative to read the Excel from my desktop using Alteryx server gallery.


Thank you in advance :)

12 - Quasar

Hi @alt_tush ,

From my experience, Browse tool on the workflow does not work as a browser when it is on Gallery.

If you use Output Data tool instead, Gallery would prompt the user to download the output file.

If you think the file size is too big to let each user to download locally, how about saving it on a shared drive?

Or you may create Apps to accept filtering conditions from the user, just like this weekly challenge #175

to reduce the size of downloaded file.

Hope this may help.


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Hello Yoshi,


Thanks for your prompt reply.


I think there is some misunderstanding. I have file browse tool to browse the file from desktop and then process it.


Thanks again :)

11 - Bolide

Hi @alt_tush , 


Please find the response below, 


While accessing this workflow from my local machine through the gallery URL is it possible to browse the excel file from my local desktop machine? - The workflow will work if you place the files on the server and run it through the gallery. In the case of having the file in your local instead of the server, then it will probably not work after running from the gallery. The Gallery will not recognize the path you specified in the tool. So I would suggest you to place the files in the fileserver as mentioned by @Yoshiro_Fujimori . 


Instead of the File browse tool, you can use the Directory tool to read the CSV files from a particular location. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.




Note: All the designer tools are compatible with MS EDGE. So no need to worry about browser compatibility. 😉





17 - Castor

Hi @alt_tush 


File browse tool will work. Folder browse tool will not work. I have no problem using the file browse on the gallery like you describe. I have my users upload files from their desktop all the time for processing. 




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Hi Ariharan,


Thanks for your reply :)


I have checked by placing the files on my desktop local machine and running the workflow from gallery and it is working file.

I have checked with 65 MB & 85 MB file size.. Just concern is whether file browse is compatible for large file size too. So i got the answer from your reply :) Note: All the designer tools are compatible with MS EDGE. So no need to worry about browser compatibility. :) 


Because i dont want user to place the files on server location then can only place their files on their local machine and run the workflow from gallery.


Thanks again :)





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I have attached the error when i browse the big size excel file...Error Message is Requested file is either too large or format is unsupported.

This error occur on or off basis...if file size is small then there is no issue...but if file size goes beyond 35-40MB i received this error from gallery.

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Hi Luc_C,


You are right, only Folder Browse is not support on Alteryx gallery.


I have attached my error message while file browse big size file.


If you know then please let me know the solution :)


I have replied on Ariharan's post with attached error file.


Thank you!

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Attached scren**bleep**


17 - Castor

Hi @alt_tush 


You may need to consider setting up a network drive that both the gallery and users have access to. The other question I'd ask is why the excel is so big. If there's hundreds of thousands of rows on multiple tabs that file size might make sense, however a lot of times a file size like that is indicative of an easily fixable issue:

  1. Named ranges: I have seen tens and hundreds of thousands of unused named ranges built up in workbooks that significantly bloat the file size. Removing them shrinks the file size by a significant amount.
  2. Used Range/Excess formatting issues: Press CTRL+END on each tab and see where it takes you. if it takes you to some random cell nowhere near your data that would be an indication that the excel is saving all those blank cells and increasing the file size.