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Designer 2018 usage not collected

8 - Asteroid



We have recently migrated our server from version 11.3 to 2018.3 and are experiencing some issues with the usage collection piece.

Our server usage report is not picking up usage from Designer 2018.3 (phone home details are all correct). I asked a colleague to install 11.7 and run a few test workflows and his usage was captured as usual.


Are the collected details transmitted differently between the versions? Perhaps saved in a different MongoDB?


Thank you.


8 - Asteroid

I've managed to find the cause of the issue. Since we use a customised version of the usage report app, the data belonging to 2018 usage was not going through.


There is a filter which is set to [type] = 0 OR [type] = 10. In the version we use we only had [type]=0 and newer versions have type 10, hence the data was not going through.