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Chained app with 11 steps is erroring out after executing 7 steps with the error

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Hi, We have developed a chained app linking 11 apps togethers and trying to run that on the Gallery. all the apps in this chained app are reading the userid running the app and appending a row with userid and  timestamp to the Sqlite file. When we are running this app on the gallery we can be able to go to step 7 and after clicking next at step7, the app is erroring out  with the error  "Internal Error in XProcessCache::Add: Cache Key too long " .   The same chained app is running fine when we run it in the designer. but not sure why it is failing on the gallery.  is there a cache setting on the Gallery that might be causing this issue?  What is this cacheKey ? 


Any help is appreciated !!




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we have tried reducing the dependent workflow names to two characters to see if that will reduce the length of the cache key and will get rid of this error. But no luck, we are getting the same error after executing the workflow 8 in our chain.


We have also tested this approach with a chained app of 10 apps each just capturing a datetimenow timestamp. but still we are not able to pass the execution of app number 8 in the workflow. is there any limit on the number of apps that can be chained? 


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @sandeepaon - We've discovered this is a known defect where any chained apps will see a failure after the 7th app runs in a chain.  We have logged a defect for a fix and will be sure to update you once a fix is in place.

Julie Mendelson
Product Owner
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Hi Julie, is there any update about this? I'm running an app with several steps and finding the same error

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This seems to still be an issue (at least I have run into it today).


Are people not generally using this method to chain apps but some other approach and therefore this isn't considered a priority? If so what is the preferred method?