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Can a workflow run through a website with many users able to run it simutaneously?


Hi, I would like to put an Alteryx workflow on a website and have users upload a simple .csv file that the workflow would be able to ingest and run which would then provide them with an output file via email. I would need as many people to run it as possible simultaneously. Is this possible? And if so where do I even start?




Do you have the Server product?  If so, this would be done via the Gallery and an app.  When you say run simultaneously, do you mean each of their runs are independent of the other?  Or do you mean the workflow waits to ingest all uploads at once?

Can you explain what the gallery and app is more a little more detail? Sorry I am new to anything outside of Alteryx desktop.




I am speaking from the context of having an Alteryx Server license in addition to a Designer Desktop license, and deploying the Alteryx Server product on-premises.


Given that, in the Alteryx Server product you designate a URL that will be used for the "Alteryx Analytics Gallery".


Once you have that set up, you build a workflow.  For this example, you have an Input Tool with a CSV connection, you have a formula tool that does "stuff" to the data, and then an output tool that outputs the results to an Excel file.


You transform that work flow in a way such that the input tool CSV is replaced with whatever a user uploads.  And then the output Excel file is emailed to the same user.  The user accesses and runs this workflow (now called an "analytic app" since you made it accept user interaction) via that URL you designated in your Server software.   I'll go grab some screen shots of what the end result is.


So we created a workflow that has an input tool of an excel file.  It takes the comments field of that excel file and does a sentiment analysis.  It then outputs the same file with one additional column, "sentiment score".


We turned that workflow into an "analytic app" whereby the user logs into the URL we set up in our Alteryx Server Settings, they upload their own excel file, which replaces the one in the original workflow, and then outputs their uploaded file with the additional column.  Meaning it replaces the output in the original workflow with their own special output file, just for them.  And every user can do this simultaneously, but independent of each other.  Each click of the "run" button that each user does creates their own little temp space where it uploads their file, performs the functions of the workflow, and outputs their file right back to them.  It's easy to switch the final step where instead of presenting the output file to them, it instead emails it to them, if you so so choose.


Here's the Gallery part of it (after the workflow is built, and turned into an analytical app):


The user sees the app and clicks run:



The user sees the instructions that you create, and follows the instructions:





Wow this is awesome mbarone...exactly what I am looking to do! Thank you! Is it possible to let anyone use the app and not just limiting it to the preloaded users? We are looking to create a public information tool so anyone would be able to run and get the information.


I'm pretty sure you can.  I've never done that, but I think it can either be done using the Public Gallery that Alteryx hosts (, or if it's on your own website maybe using the Gallery API might be an option.  I've never done that either, but I think you can set it up so it uses your credentials so anyone can use it without signing up for the Gallery.


Lots of doc on Gallery API if you enter that into the search.  For the Public Gallery (, I don't have much info on how to do that.  Maybe check with your rep.

I will look into that, thanks mbarone.


On a side note, is there at all a way to do this without the server, given the high cost? Some sort of workaround or other application?




And no, the only way to run an alteryx module is to have an alteryx desktop license, or to run it as an app through the gallery or gallery api.  At least to the best of my knowledge.