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Browser Gallery - Change icon from default Alteryx icon to Company logo

Alteryx Partner

i know that i can click on the "change icon" button in the gallery and upload a company logo, then refresh

... but (there is always a but ...) , when i make changes to the workflow and save again to the gallery

it saves the new workflow with a default Alteryx logo ... as expected.

is there a way to script the compnay logo into the workflow app in order to have it there permanently?

thank you in advance for your time.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @wade12,


What is your version of Alteryx Server please?

This behaviour doesn't seem to appear with Alteryx 11.0.


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer

Alteryx Partner


8 - Asteroid


I am working on some apps for internal users that will be put on an internal gallery.  Can I put unique icons on each app?


6 - Meteoroid

An option on Designer to be able to upload a custom icon would be a good idea.

In my case, I work with several countries and I want to add to the app its corresponding country flag.

At least once a month, I make changes and reupload the apps to the Gallery, so I've to do this manually everytime.