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Blob Output works on Desktop, Not on Server




I have a basic workflow that uses an outlook tool to grab one email attachment, and then send that data to a network shared drive via the blob output tool. There is a blob convert tool used ahead of time, and the data is in base 64 encoded binary data. The blob output tool sends this data to a .xlsx extension, which is then picked up later in the workflow for further manipulation (that part isn't important). 


The issue I'm having is that the workflow runs perfectly on my desktop, however when I load it to the server, it corrupts the file. Now to be very specific - there isn't a permissions issue or access issue with the shared drive in either case - the server will still create the file (.xlsx extension) just as the desktop does. However, the desktop run will create the appropriate 58 KB version of the file, whereas the server gets messed up somehow and creates the same file but with 1KB that is corrupted and cannot be opened manually or used further in the workflow. 


Any thoughts? Attaching a picture if the workflow if this helps at all. 


I'm also attaching another file that should shed some more light. I'm using the same workflow I previously attached a picture of, but this time just passing a text file from the outlook email attachment tool, to the blob convert tool, and finally to the blob output tool. 


Notice from the attachment here that the desktop translates the text properly through the blob tools, but the server does not. 


Again any help is appreciated!!

Hi ccagle,


I did some limited testing, and found the tools to be operating as expected.

Designer: 2018.2.6

Gallery: 2018.3.8.58474


I created the attached workflow that takes a string, converts it to a blob, back to text, then outputs it to a pcxml report.

Running locally, the string survives: 










Also reflected on the Gallery:



Thanks so much, I actually did work with Alteryx and should have posted a solution on here - if I remember correctly what happened was that we had a slightly different version of the outlook tool installed on the server than the desktop which was causing the conflict. Anyways you are correct that the blob tool works as expected.