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Azure DevOps pipeline to deploy workflows from git repo

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We are trying to deploy package files (.yxzp) from git repo to Alteryx gallery using the admin endpoint POST /api/admin/v1/workflows as described in the article here . We were able to successfully do this part. Our use case requires us to search for the workflow by name and retrieve its appId using the subscription endpoint  GET /v1/workflows/subscription/ and then trigger these workflows using subscription endpoint POST /v1/workflows/{appId}/jobs/.


When we manually deploy these workflows, we usually replace the old workflow that has same name with the new from the gallery UI. Is there an endpoint (admin  endpoint preferably) to do similar action? or is there an admin endpoint to delete a workflow?


Appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks.

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Hi @pvd !


Perhaps the SourceId argument of the POST endpoint is what you're looking for:


This is the Source environment appId of the workflow to be migrated. If a workflow with the same sourceId already exists, this will replace that workflow in the target environment. Otherwise, a new workflow will be generated.


(Send empty string "" if you do not wish to specify an appID)

I found this in Step 3 of the 'Migrate Workflows' instructions here -- Workflow Migration.




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Thanks much @cam_w for the suggestion. Since our workflows are in a repo and our need isn't exactly migrating from one environment to another, we ended up using a unique value for SourceId (workflowName+workflowOwner) in all environments. 

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@pvd Can you share an example of the code you used to get from the repo to the gallery? I know it's not ending up in the gallery as you want it.