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Automatically allow Artisans to Schedule Workflows

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As an Admin, I would like Gallery configured such that when a user logs in as Artisan, they automatically have the ability to schedule workflows.


Here's how our system is setup:

  • We are using Windows Authentication
  • Anyone who is in the AD group call "Alteryx_Designer" is an Artisan (we mapped that AD group on the Permissions tab).
  • On the Jobs tab, we have enabled "Enable users to schedule workflows".

The problem: whenever we get a new Developer/designer, they are added to the AD group mentioned above.  They are therefore automatically granted Artisan rights.  But for some reason that does not automatically give them the ability to schedule workflows.  The Admins still have to go in to that user's profile and enable them to schedule workflows from there.  And, when a user moves onto a different role in the company, we have to remember to remove that scheduling access.


Is there way to automate or link the ability to schedule workflows in the Gallery and the Artisan role/AD group?  I looked at the API, but I don't think this property is exposed in that.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Interesting that the permissions aren't working when someone new is added to the AD for that group. I'm wondering do you ever restart the Alteryx Service on the server? I'm curious to know if you add a new member to the AD group, then restart the Alteryx Service, would Alteryx recognize the new user as having AD creds? 


I'm curious to know if the same is true going the other direction. If you remove someone from that AD group, then restart the Alteryx Service, is their role updated in the MongodB?


If none of that is the case, I definitely suggest reaching out to because that seems like something them, or their Devs should be aware of. 


One final note would be to build a workflow that you can feed a list to and have it make the adjustments to the MongoDB directly; however, Alteryx strongly recommends you tread carefully when making manual updates to your MongoDB and also to back it up before ever doing anything like this as it can corrupt and you might lose your entire gallery if you don't have a backup.



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Paul, thanks for the thoughts.  We backup MongoDB nightly, which means Alteryx Server gets restarted nightly.  We've had people in the Artisan AD group for weeks now and they were never granted Scheduling access.  And on the flip side, we've had one user that was removed from the AD group last week and they still have Scheduling access.


I hadn't thought of modifying MongoDB directly, I was only looking at API.  But as you say, that makes me a bit nervous.


Do you think this is a bug?  Or do you think it's just functionality that doesn't exist?

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As to whether it's a bug or not I'll need to let Alteryx Support answer that. It really all depends on how Alteryx assimilates AD data and I'm not really an authority on that. I think their Support would be able to get that answer to you and help you determine if it's a bug or a yet to be developed feature.

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OK, thanks Paul.  I'll shoot them an email.

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@DCPDamon  Thanks for this post. We are exactly in the same boat. We use 2019.1 Alteryx Gallery, Windows Authentication. Single Node. We have provisioned an AD Group as Artisans, and whenever somebody gets added to the AD Group, they get Artisan access to the Gallery but they do not get the scheduling option by default. We have enabled "Enable users to schedule workflows" but for some reason new Artisans cannot schedule workflows.


I know we can manually grant access to each user but we don't want to to that as this approach is not scalable.


We reached out to the support and they said this is by design and that it's an expected behavior. We however had an older version of Alteryx Server installed earlier and this feature was working fine at that time. If this is by design, not sure why this feature was removed, and also, I could not see this listed in any of the release notes. I'm thinking this may be a bug.


Have you been able to figure out the solution yet? Please let me know. Thanks.

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Yes, I am in the same boat - Pleas let me know if anyone figured this out.