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Alteryx workflows - output to shared drives - need to use syncplicity instead




Currently, we have workflows that are run from either a users’ desktop or on the server where the output (xlsx, docx, yxdb) is sent to a “Shared folder on our network”.


The problem:  we are replacing our current home & Shared drive solution and migrating to “Syncplicity”.


My understanding is that Alteryx cannot connect to “Syncplicity”.


1) Do any of you use "Syncplicity"?  If so, what is work around this issue?


2) Any suggestions/advice on this?





Hi JohnBell, it looks like "Syncplicity" has an API that you might be able to call from Alteryx.  In theory at least,  you should be able to use the download tool to call the API endpoint to access Syncplicity.