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Alteryx Support Documentation - AlteryxService/ AlteryxGallery collections

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Hello Everyone, happy to join this community!


Currently I'm struggling in creating a solution to keep the track of all the workflows run on the server accompanied with the info about run date/user/schedule etc.

I’m trying to investigate if it’s possible to create such a workflow that will store a/m data.


I have used MongoDB input to access necessary collections from AlteryxService / AlteryxGallery. Unfortunately, I can not find any documentation on what collections consist of what fields hence I’m unsure how to join this data.

Is anyone aware of where such documentation can be found so that I can see what collections have what fields? 


Thanks a lot!



Hi @pablomar,


The Alteryx Server Usage report, which you can download from currently complies this data from the MongoDB. Once you've downloaded this workflow, right-click on the macro to open the underlying logic. It connects to all of the Collections and reads in the fields which would be necessary for your purpose. Please note, in order to download the server usage report, you will need to login with the email address which is currently tied to your Alteryx Server license. 


Please let me know if you are unable to find this workflow. 







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Hi Amelia, 


thanks for your reply. I did use the mentioned workflow to get the data I need - thanks a lot for your hint. However I'm still wondering if it is possible to get the full list of fields - one of my challenges now is to find in AlteryxService collection a table, which would comprise the information that can be found in Service Logs (with errors/timings per each run). That's mainly beacuse some worklfows results are output as "complete", but in fact were errored during run.. Thanks for your help in advance!