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Alteryx Server Usage Report

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Hi there,


I am running the Usage Report from both local and on the production gallery, and every time I run the PDF output for 30 days, I keep getting an error that says "Out of Memory" from the render tool. Is there a memory cap that the Render tool can handle?


The App Execution Excel output is less than 1MB, so I don't see why it would be out of memory.

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It may happen if the app data is too large to handle for render tool, try to summarize it.

Can you share your flow?

8 - Asteroid

I forgot to update this, but I worked with Support to find the problem. It is because the data entering the Render tool for the AppExecutions file is too large. Even with 12GB of RAM it still errors out. But we figured out work around for this, which is using an Output tool right before we use any Reporting tools. 

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Hi Chris, can you please explain in more detailed how you solved it? Thanks.



The change suggested above would add an output tool in the Alteryx_Server_Usage_Report.yxmc macro, right about here:



This will be in the PDF Report container, so you will probably need to minimize the Tableau Report container and expand the PDF one to see these tools.  I would also recommend Putting the tools after that sort into another container and disabling it so the error doesn't show up.  Since you also want to filter on workflows, you could also put a filter here as well and set it for the [AppName] table.  The AppName should be the workflow file name without the extension.

Ed Phelps