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Alteryx Server Specific Documentation

13 - Pulsar

I was unable to find satisfactory documentations on Alteryx Server,

anyone with some links to detailed content?


What I was looking for;

  1. Does the server provide a WEB-based administration & configuration tool, if so any screenshots
  2. Is there a roll back feature either in Alteryx server or built in to MongoDB
  3. Does Alteryx server store only workflows or it can store data, tables as well?
  4. Is there a possiblity to search metadata, the column names and definitions?

I may write these as seperate topics as well if need be for getting tidy answers, just please comment...



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi Atabarezz,


I hope I can answer some of your questions.


  1. Yes. Some of the configurations are done through the webinterface and some of it throug a GUI configuration program.
  2. What do you mean by rollback? There is versioning control on all flows uploaded to the Alteryx Gallery.
  3. It can store data and tables. (The Alteryx Server is installed on a Windows Server operating system, so you can do basically anything you want - not recommended though)
  4. I am not sure what you mean by searching metadata. From the DB or?

Anyways if you need more info I would be happy to show you the server and answer questions maybe over skype.




13 - Pulsar

For 2 and 4


Roll back is; during ETL if the server shutsdown somehow or an error occurs while workflow is writing to a DB table.

Is it going to keep the partial data on DB? When we rerun the workflow is it going to overwrite or will we reverse all changes and rerun workflow again?



For the metadata search,

there seems to be a need to search in-DB for the column names, columnar descriptions in a list of all available tables.

Basically you search for a column and it'll direct you specific relevant tables...


Hope I could make it clear...


Thank for replies

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Documentation on Alteryx Server installation and configuration can be found here: http://downloads.alteryx.com/documentation.html.

13 - Pulsar

Actually I checked these files but some aspects required by clients were not mentioned.

I first thought this is due to documents being overviews, high level notes,

but understood that the aspects I am looking for will be in the upcoming relases...


Thanks anyway...


P.s. It may be a nice idea to have an "Alteryx Server Help" and "Alteryx Designer Help" split don't you agree?