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Alteryx Server - SharePoint Input connector - bad sign-in or password error - random


Over the last month or two we have had functioning, scheduled jobs start showing the following error... seemingly at random intervals and for different workflows. They all use the SharePoint input connector and have a valid set of credentials saved.




We use the same account for our jobs and we could have 4 jobs running at any give time with maybe 2 or 3 inputs on the job. 


Alteryx Support, so far, has not been able to provide guidance but this is causing us major pain because jobs that run say once or twice a day are randomly failing and we have to go back and re-run it again (sometimes not realizing the error happened until an hour or so later. 

Again, this is not happening for the same job or at the same time.. it is very random. 


Any suggestions? 







Just out of interest Adam, is this a single node deployment of the server?