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Alteryx Server Gallery: Differences between a Private Studio and a Studio

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We are about to install and configure Alteryx Server in our department. We have a question on Studio/Private Studio/Collections in the Gallery. Can we create a Studio for a business purpose that is not private? Also, Can we create a Collection from that Studio (that is not private)? Also, can you send me some community articles or documentation on the differences between a Private Studio and a Studio? As what I have seen so far in the community does not seem to expand on the differences between the two.

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This is my take on things.(I refer to apps but it could be anything published to gallery.)



Once you have the gallery up and running a studio is automatically created for license holders of Designer.

Studios are private - studio and private studio are the same thing. This is a private space where apps that a user publishes to the gallery reside. This gives her an opportunity to test it out before others have access. (or just run herself)


Once a user is ready to publish it to the main gallery they can choose the "Place it in xxx Gallery" so that it will be accessible to other users in the organization. This just makes the app available to everyone, it doesn't create a separate copy. (so it you make a change and save it - the gallery "version" also has the change)



If you want to share an app with others (members of your team for example) and not everyone then the designer can create a collection. After creating it they would specify which users could access the collection. Only those users could.



If you have a lot of apps in the gallery an admin can create districts to group app. This does not limit access, it is just a grouping method.



Studios - Just for the designer himself  (can share apps with the public gallery)

Collections - A way for a designer to share apps with a group of users

Districts- set up by the admin to group apps within the public gallery



I did a quick search and didn't find the perfect page either. I think the issue is that some of the original docs explain things well but new features were added and the docs weren't updated.

The Alteryx Server Help is not a bad place to start.


This page can point you to some good resources too.




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Okay thank you for this explanation. For clarification then there is no such thing as a Public Studio then? As all Studios are Private?

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I've been digging around some more and found this article:


which suggests otherwise. I haven't done any server admin in a while so I will leave this open to someone else.