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Alteryx API Admin OAuth key invalid

Alteryx Partner

I have created a workflow that pulls from the Alteryx API Admin endpoints. I have API enabled for Admin API, and when I first went through the process of testing connections, I put the Key and Secret into the Alteryx Gallery API interactive documentation page and was able to successfully get data back in the test response a couple weeks back.


However, when I try to go back and use the same interactive documentation page to get the test response for the SAME endpoint, I am getting this error:


{ "data": null, "exceptionName": "UnauthorizedException", "innerExceptionMessage": "", "message": "The provided API Key (oauth_consumer_key) is invalid." }


I have not changed anything between the first time I tested the response and now, yet when I put the Key and Secret in correctly and test out other endpoints on the Admin API interactive documentation page, I still get Authorization errors.


Is there any reason why the Key/Secret authorization would just stop working?




@Michael_Barber  I get this because of our company's browser settings (forgot which one though).

For me, when it errs out on IE it works on Chrome.

Have you tried multiple browsers?

Alteryx Partner

@patrick_mcauliffe I tried in IE, Firefox, and Chrome with no luck in any. All 3 are still giving me the same Authorization error:

"message": "The provided API Key (oauth_consumer_key) is invalid."

@Michael_Barber  Sorry for the late reply.  If you haven't already, I'd contact support.


Any solution.

I am getting the same error with a new server setup.

I have opened a support ticket. Will advise if I get a solution.


My bad. 

I was using my “Admin API” key instead of my “Private Studio API” key.

I had to enable the API key for the subscription/studio via the Admin pages.


Thanks @klonergan