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Alterys Run Command not working from gellery

9 - Comet



I am trying to execute below command unsing Run command Tool. This command working perfectly fine using desinger. But same i published it in gallery and try to run it from gallery it doesn't work.


From server this command works perfectly fine.

'cd "' + 'D:\DATA\Client' + '"' + "
" + 'python TestData.py config.ini'


Also i tried with .bat file too but i faced same issue.


Can you please help me to execute this command from gallery.


Thank you

14 - Magnetar

Just to be clear, does that command work when you run it from the Designer in the Server machine? If so, then the issue is with the Run As account not having sufficient permissions. You can try running it from the Gallery under your credential. 

9 - Comet

Hi gabrielvilella,


Yes it is work from server machine as well. When i pass the mkdir command it is working perfectly fine in both Server, desinger as well as gallery.

But when i pass the CD command to execute the python script, it is failed in gallery. But working in server machine and desinger.


Thank you

9 - Comet

Are you able to log on to the Sever machine using the account that is set to Run workflows in the Gallery?

If you do that does the workflow still work in Designer?

If it doesn't then as @gabrielvilella is saying you need to check the permissions access on D:\DATA on the server.