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smartsheet connector


Here is a macro that allows you to pull down from the smartsheet API.  Download and import the macro and save it to your desktop.  Next you will need to go the options and click on User settings-Edit user settings and then choose the Macros tab at the top.  Using the + symbol to the right you can navigate to folder that contains the smartsheet Macro.  The Macro will now show up in your connector category.  To use the Macro you will need to enter your API key and answer yes to refresh smartsheet Names.  After you have a list of smartsheet names you can set refresh to No and choose the sheet from the second drop down to retrieve the data.  Hope this helps!




Thanks @RogerS


This is great and much better than my homegrown effort. Now to see if I can improve my method of updating SmartSheet.

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Hey @RogerS!

Curious if you have any information on pushing data into Smartsheets? we are trying to figure out the API documentation to write to smartsheets with Alteryx, and haven't succeeded yet- so any info would be awesome.



@DerangedVisions, I'm also interested in any approach that @RogerS suggests.


For what it's worth I have been able to update SmartSheet tables by creating a JSON string with the appropriate row id and the cells to be updated via column id and then using a connect tool. The string needs to be converted to a BLOB field and the URL needs to include the appropriate Sheet ID.


For example,



Header has the correct Authorization of Bearer [access token]

Payload has HTTP action of PUT and takes the query string from the BLOB field

BLOB Field is something like [{"id": 1069582813292420, "cells": [{"columnId": 3385737912575876,"value": "XXXXY"}]}]


For new records it would be similar but with a POST URL


I found the example code at the SmartSheet API documentation (e.g. ) to be very useful. It particularly helped me to look at the cURL examples as I was able to translate these more or less directly to the Download tool. I.e. -H for Header, -x for HTTP action, -d for the payload


I have not looked into the output yet but the recommendation from  Ivoller looks to be a good starting point.  


Hey @DerangedVisions 


I am currently working on a similar use case. I am unable to push data to Smartsheet using the output tool.


Have you found a solution to that problem? 




Hi @Juliendu40000 


Are you trying to write new rows (POST) or update existing rows (PUT)?


I use the download tool but you have to get the payload string (POST) or BLOB (PUT) correctly formatted in JSON first. Also, make sure that you are using the appropriate columnids, sheetid etc.


Here is a sample flow (simplified) that just adds a new row to the end of my test sheet. I have removed my authorization token and sheet ID so it wont do anything other than give an idea of how to approach this.


I'm working on an internal macro for add and update rows using the ideas I've gleaned from @RogerS great work.

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I have not..this was actually my co-worker who was working on it-last we spoke it was not working-I’ll check back and let you know!

Sorry - I just saw ivollers reply! :)

Hi @ivoller ,


Thanks for your help.


I am trying to update existing rows. 


Thanks @DerangedVisions 


I am interested to know what your co worker ended up doing