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how to bring the EXCEL report using 'RENDER' tool without truncating the existing data?


Below is the partial workflow as part of reporting



Excel is the output report for this workflow using RENDER tool. Data gets truncated when report is generated in excel format whereas html report shows up all the data. How to avoid the truncation? please help


Warning msg: The current page layout will cause some data to be incorrectly truncated. You may consider modifying how the data is laid out.




Hi @pgayath1,

I've had similar issues and the following setting changes in the render tool helped me overcome it (see attached).

Paper size A3 and landscape layout.

Hope this helps




Thank you, it worked.




Great, your welcome.

Happy to help:)



Mine was dropping characters off of headers, too, and this was a perfect fix, thank you.


your welcome, happy it helped :)

I found that it only works to a certain extent.  I have a very wide set of columns that I want to Render into an Excel file, and beyond a certain number of characters it gives that same warning message, and started dropping random characters from the data.


I then chose the widest possible standard Paper Size - "B3 (353mm x 500mm)" - and "Landscape" Orientation. This allowed me to include more columns, but still at a point this generated the same warning message, and loss of characters.


I thought that perhaps choosing a Paper Size of "Custom Size", and entering 353mm x 600mm would resolve the issue, but it did not help.


What is the cause of this limitation?  Shouldn't I be able to Render into an Excel format as wide as I need, without limitation?

Update:  I entered much larger values for *both* dimensions of "Custom Size" Paper Size and it resolved the issue completely.