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Update a record in a table if the workflow encounters an error

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I have a macros that loads stored procedures into staging and then loads it from staging to ods. I do some mapping checks with the fields in ods and staging, if there is an issue I create an error with the message tool.

I am trying to make the load more robust, if there is an issue with the mapping and I get an error it needs to go and update the Load_Flag in the DB to 0 so if I rerun the workflow it won't load that stored procedure and the batch can continue.


The excel file is the input for the macros, where I get the name of the proc and the load_flag. It is actually a sql table and not a excel file. 




@Brinker if I am understanding correctly, you could use an Output Data tool to update the table in SQL Server after your Formula tool. If the workflow re-runs, it would run a new query against the table and capture the updates made in the previous run.

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@MatthewOyes that is what I am trying to achive. I moved the formula down the the workflow and it achived the result I wanted, thank you.