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Travel itinerary sequence

I finished my approach off. Takes about 1 minute to run on mine.


It produces every possible path. I think there are 10,524 in the data set you gave.


The first macro as before collapses cases down (this takes 161 iterations).


Next, it walks back from the trip with no destination.

This second iterative macro works out each possible join.


Finally it builds out all the paths in full (10mm rows) as well as picking the first as well.



@jdunkerley79 this is so cool! Thank you so much for that. I see that it produces 10K scenarios, what Im gonna do now is to select the one where the total direct distance between the points will be the smallest. 

Again, hard assumption, but without additional inputs I would just use common sense I guess. 


Thanks everyone again! You guys are great!