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Too many fields in record#1


Thanks! I've been using a similar approach with a pipe delimited file, but then the layout changes sometimes adding or removing a field... thanks to some poor manual intervention each time they output the data to me so the addition of counting the pipes first will save me a lot of time in the future. I don't know why I didn't think of doing that!


This approach works for me but it just seems bizarre that I can import the exact same file into MS Access or SQL and I don't have this issue. The file is an extract coming from a mainframe I believe, and it is in pipe delimited format has about 70 columns. I've been using the workaround for quite a while now kind of thinking eventually Alteryx will get on board with handling pipe delimited files more efficiently and easily. So after ever update I try the file again and it still never works. I also had issues outputting data back to that same group but I believe with v11 and unchecking the BOM that will take care of that problem I'm testing a file now so thanks for adding that feature!


I run into the same issue. But following your method not working!!



Can you post your flow with some sample data I'd be happy to take a look as I went through this issue a number of times before I got it sorted out with solution proposed above.


Attached please find sample data. I have 4.4 milion records in the file.


Here's a workflow for your sample data, let me know if you still get an error, it may be in the data itself there's someone storing info with a Pipe within a field, but Alteryx should give you the row that it errors out on. If this solves it for you let me know!




This solution fixed the issue I was having when importing one of my .csv files. 

Thanks so much. 

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Not sure if this is appropriate to the task, or carries too many of its own risks of double-conversion, but I imported into Excel (pipe delimited, always text-only formatting to prevent Excel from messing with data, hopefully - biggest risk is dropping leading 0s I think - but text-only *should* prevent that), then saved as an excel file and loaded from these instead. Seems to have been OK from what I've seen so far...

You saved my day!! Thank you so much.


I just had this error and i was completely stumped as to what was causing this with my workflow which worked for the prior 2 months files!  This was a stinker,  just open the file in Excel  which was a CSV for me, and then save as CSV, with no changes made by me.  Then it just worked!   I am not going to question what Excel has done, i now have my output which took the person over half a day to complete and i have the satisfaction of seeing.. 


"Finished running in 13.3 seconds"