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Strange output data error


I’ve encountered an error in my output in Alteryx that seems like it shouldn’t necessarily even occur. On my output tool I’m told that the “specified range is not large enough for incoming data fields.” After researching this issue, I found that the amount of data I’m trying to output is well within the boundaries of what Alteryx is capable of processing (33 columns containing 25 records).  There was very little information regarding this error online. If anyone knows how to solve this issue, some help would be greatly appreciated!



What file format are you attempting to output to?

My wild guess is that you're trying to output to a named range in excel that has fewer than 33 columns or 25 rows (or both)?  But knowing what you are outputting to will help a lot.


I'm outputting to excel, is there a way to change the range, and would that be in excel or alteryx? I've defined the 33 columns in excel but didn't think it would matter much since I'm overwriting the sheet.


You may need to take a look in Excel to see if you can update the Named Range to be "taller" if it already has 33 columns.

Another thing that might cause an issue is if you have a particularly long value anywhere.  Excel has a maximum character length of 32,767, so anything longer than that might cause issues.

Finally, to prove out if it is an issue with the named range, try outputting to a brand new excel workbook/sheet name, and see if you still get an error.


Thank you Claje, I deleted and replaced the tool which I had output to a brand new spreadsheet. It ended up working which was strange because that wasn't the first time I made that change. I appreciate the help!