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Selecting Columns on Excel Data Import

7 - Meteor

Hi All, 

First time post, I've looked through a lot of threads and couldn't find the answer. 


I have an Excel Workbook that I'm trying to Input data from, but I only want about 6 columns of the 80 columns that have data. 


I've seen where I can select a range of data, but I don't want to pull in all the columns between G and FX. Is there anyway I can call out in the SQL which columns to import? 


Any help would be appreciated!

8 - Asteroid

And...I figured it out. Name the range in Excel, then save the file. Once you do that, the "Select a named range" radio button will be available. It does mean that all of your columns need to be in a contiguous range though. (Or I suppose you could have multiple inputs that you then join)

5 - Atom

I had the same problem where I could not edit the SQL directly when .xlsx was selected (in 2019.4).


As a workaround, you can change the File Format to be .sqlite, then click the Table or Query "...", edit the SQL, then set the File Format back to .xlsx.

7 - Meteor

The input window to enter query is only displayed based on the type of file ( for eg. for data base), it doesnt show query window for .xls or .xlsx files inputs.