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Salesforce Connector Tool - 401 Client Error


Several of my colleagues and I have run into issues with the latest version of Salesforce Connector Tool erring anytime we close the workflow and then reopen it. The error we get is this "401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url...."


If we click into it and then click out then the tool works just fine, but the workflow won't run until we do that. We've noticed that it tends to happen when we use relative references in the SOQL query (Lookupfield__r.Name, e.g.). Has anyone else run into this? Any known solutions?


Hi @kayers 


Could you check in your user settings that Disable Auto Configure is unchecked? 


Hi @DaveF - yes, my 'Disable Auto Configure' option is not checked. Thanks for the idea!


Same issue - different case.  The HTML GUI Get/Set config is storing user based sessions - which makes multi-user collaboration impossible without having to reconfigure the SF Input every time a different user opens the workflow, even when both users are using the same physical machine.


@Coxta45 @kayers 


Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the current Salesforce tool. I would encourage you to post your thoughts to the below Ideas thread so we can get some more visibility around the need for this to the Product team.