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Run a module from command prompt or by .bat file

8 - Asteroid

Can anyone help me to this that how I can run a alteryx module from command prompt or by .bat file.


Hello @DultonM,


If you need help here, please send me a message and I can create a case for you and have someone reach out to you about the license.



Jess Silveri
Manager, Technical Account Management | Alteryx
7 - Meteor

How can i run AlteryxEngineCmd From command prompt (or Powershell)

12 - Quasar

In command prompt, you either change your current directory to "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin" and run from there, or add "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxEngineCmd" to your PATH variable list. Once either of these is satisfied, type "alteryxenginecmd" and see what happens.


In Powershell, see above, but you also have to set the proper execution policy (see ) and you need to include ".\", so -- ".\alteryxenginecmd"

7 - Meteor

How can i use Powershell to trigger a module.?

5 - Atom

I Completely agree. the current server API doesn't allow the users to upload and run workflows/applications in remote and as many of the workflows used by the community are built as part of larger projects using source controls and CI environments for quality assurance. current situation is that we are forced to either purchase a server license in order to automate a run from a command line which doesn't seem likely, especially considering the server API server access is still lacking. the only other option is to remote to a company Alteryx server and by that 'steal' its resources which is far from optimal for obvious reasons.

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Hello Saravanan


I need help in running altryx useing cmd line