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Run Command Configuration

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Hello. This is my first time using the run command tool and I am having trouble with the configuration.


I am trying to use the run command tool to use the command prompt to copy a file and rename it so that I can output my the data from my workflow to the renamed file. 


I tested my code in the command prompt and it works as I would want:


copy "C:\Users\Mapping for Alteryx\test.xlsx" "C:\Users\Mapping for Alteryx\test2.xlsx" && rename "C:\Users\Mapping for Alteryx\test2.xlsx" "test5.xlsx"


I'm having trouble configuring the run command tool to successfully run this command when I run my workflow. The tool has no incoming or outgoing connections.




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Currently you have to either configure a write or read source to use the run command tool.
See here:

It is also worth looking at running the script from a file versus within the command.2 configs.png

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Hi @kylemhabe ,

The run command tool  requires  write source and/or  read results  configured. 

In this example  we  write  source  i.e  build  batch file  .  

The configuration of batch file  is important  :  no delimiters (\0)  , quotes: never  . 


If there are errors  check  rc.bat   to make sure you can run it from command line .

The sample wf  writes  to rc.bat  and then  runs rc.bat .   I am using echo for testing and  any commands should work .

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Thank you both so much for taking the time!


I used both of your responses in coming up with my working solution. This will be a huge help in my current and future workflows.




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Hi, I'm working on converting an xlsb file on SP to an xlsx file in Alteryx. I'm using UNC path on the lines of \\sp004xxx\DavWWWRoot\sites2\yyyy\zzzz\Headcount Reports in the directory tool and using a vba script-screenshot attached below. I'm too clear on mechanics as I have gotten this workaround from someone. I have added the command ECHO %ERRORLEVEL% > error.txt in a separate text file-attaching screenshot.I have used the run command -attaching configuration for reference and I'm getting an error "Can not find script file "C:\Windows\ConvertToXLSB.vbs". Could anyone please guide me on what I need to do here. Thankyou