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Query regarding format of date using DateTimeToday function

8 - Asteroid

Hi there,


I have below stated query. Can someone please help me on this.


I am using one website for fetching data, but before fetching data I need to make some automatic changes in the URL.


website: httpabcdeDate_Effec=20220531xyzdate1=2022-01-31hellothisisadummyURLdate2=2022-03-10


I want Date_Effec (present in above URL) to get updated every day with current day's date. 

I am using DateTimeToday function and I am able to update the Date_Effec with current day's date but format is not matching.


Output I am getting using DateTimeToday: httpabcdeDate_Effec=2022-08-23xyzdate1=2022-01-31hellothisisadummyURLdate2=2022-03-10


Expected Output: httpabcdeDate_Effec=20220823xyzdate1=2022-01-31hellothisisadummyURLdate2=2022-03-10


17 - Castor

Hey @Mohd-Siddiqui1, you’ll need to wrap DateTimeToday() in your desired format which in this case is YYYYMMDD. To do this you can use:


DateTimeFormat(DateTimeToday(), '%Y%m%d')


Or you could just use simple string functions like Replace() to remove the hyphens as your date is otherwise in the correct format:





8 - Asteroid

Hi @DataNath 

Thank you for the help.