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Problems Using Jira Iterative Macro

8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


I keep getting this "No valid fields were selected" error, even though I just left the fields column at "all".




I keep getting the same error, even if I try to replace it with an actual field.


I tried running the macro, replacing the input with an Input Data tool, hoping to isolate the problem and this is what I get - couldn't resolve host name.




In the input Excel file, I only replaced:

- The value of "Project" in the Query column. I replaced it with the Project ID as shown here:

- The User column (with my email address used to access Jira)

- The Project column, from the same value I got from the process above

- The Pass column generated from Jira. I'm a site admin.

- The Site Base, with our Jira domain.



Help, please.



Thank you.


18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @RonGatmaitan 


The "Couldn't resolve host name" message means that the value in the URL field passed to the download tool didn't contain a valid URL.  It needs to be correctly formed "".  Also make sure that you filter out the second line from the example file, since it contains only descriptions and not valid values.



8 - Asteroid

Filtering out the second line from the example file did the trick. Thank you, @danilang!