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Output to Excel error

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I have several workflows that are sending output to an Excel file.  When I open the Excel file I always get a message "We found a problem with some content..." Do you want us to recover as much as we can?...."     I always answer "Yes" and then I get a message about the repairs to the file which always says "Removed Records: Formula from /xl/calcChain.xml part"


I have no idea what any of that means.  I'm able to use the excel file, and run the macros in it.  However, I'd like to avoid those messages if I can before I hand these files off to someone else.

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Apologies if someone else has already mentioned this, but I find this error normally occurs for me when the Excel sheet names specified in Alteryx are too long and are truncated in the Excel File.


When I shorten the sheet names so they aren't truncated in excel this error disappears.


Hope this helps

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Thanks for the solution @32bit but it didn't work for me. There seem to be several different situations that cause this error.

In my situation, it is an .xlsx and not an .xlsm that acts as my template file.

I use a batch macro to create files using this template.

My sheet name is not unusually long, it is "sheet1".

I have used this workflow since 2019 on a monthly basis and it has only started producing this error (and data deletion in the .xlsx) this month. One of the only changes since it last ran successfully was that I upgraded from 2020.2 to 2021.1. I can no longer get it to run properly even with a previous month's data.

I have no fixed decimals.

Using @32bit 's solution did make the error (and the data deletion) go away, but it also broke all the vlookups in my template, therefore isn't a feasible solution in my situation.

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im not sure if you still have this problem, I found out i had this problem , and fixed by checking My output file part



 in this example this create a recover message 



looking at the original path and found a ' on the end of the path, and this remove the repaire message. so to solve this issue check your filename you create




hope this help






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@PeterAP  & @denny_chan Thank you both tons! I shortened my tab names and took off the '.  


My filepath now looks like:











I also added Block Till Done where two lines were coming out of the same tool, going different places.  I let streams going to tab 1 finish first, and the rest were lined up with Block Till Done output 2 or 3.



7 - Meteor


I am encountering the same and tried to follow the steps of @32bit however, having issue editing the [Content_Types].xml file (opening in internet explorer). Is there any other way to handle this problem? 

Any efficient and quick solution is much appreciated. Cheers.