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Multiple Output files based on variables

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I have a data file with 44,000 records/transactions for 30 Manufacturers.  I have designed my output file and I currently change the Manufacture Code (using Filter), incorporate the Manufacture Code in the filename, and then "Run".  However, is there a way I can run the process, selecting the 30 different Manufacturer codes and Run to produce all 30 reports simultaneously, but saved separately?

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @KSassone,


you could tick the checkbox at the bottom of the configuration pane of your output tool to “include file name as field”. And add your manufacturer field as a suffix or prefix to the file name you choose. This way your data will be “grouped” and outputted into separate excel files (if that’s the file type you choose).


If this solves your issue please mark the answer as correct, if not let me know!



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The approach of @Jonathan-Sherman should be suitable for you. Please accept it as a solution so others can find the answer as well and as quickly as possible.


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This worked well Jonathan - thank you !  This then got me thinking (love the possibilities with Alteryx!) and I evolved my workflow more as I had to run a separate output on the same data - this time choosing my criteria as Vendor Code.  So end result - one data source with over 44,000 records; two criteria; two output tools; 57 .csv files in one folder with field appended to file name - all in a matter of 14 seconds !   Thank You !!!