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Missing Connection Error

8 - Asteroid



I am getting the following error: "Missing Connection: 624", I have combed through the workflow and all nodes have an incoming connection. Is there anyway to identify connection 624? There should be an easy way to go right to the connection like there is when trying to find a tool/node. Can anyone provide some troubleshooting steps for this?

8 - Asteroid

For me none of the above solutions worked. I had several nested macros and it was not clear where the error occured.

Finally I build the Workflow step by step again from scratch by copy pasting parts of the existing workflow to a new one.

Not a very satisfying solution but an ultimo workaround.

6 - Meteoroid

Today (Nov-2022) I experienced this error and this thread was of great assistance, I was implementing a couple of macros in a complex workflow when the error suddenly appeared; I applied the suggestion proposed in this tread, "adding a Select tool" immediately after the Macro's dynamic output, it works

6 - Meteoroid

I am sharing another tip found while implementing "Standard Macro" which is related to the issue discussed in this thread; I found that in some scenarios we need a select tool before the input of the macro, if we do not set the select tool, the output will not have fields, the data will be there but the select tool will be empty.