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Macro error message - missing field

Alteryx Certified Partner

I built a standard macro that parses a json input into a table. It works fine, but annoyingly, it always shows the message: 


'The field "meta_timeEnd" is not contained in the record. '




This relates to a sort tool used in the macro. Any ideas how to get rid of this error message? Unfortunately the data are confidential and so I cannot share the workflow. 2019-04-15_16-37-58.png

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Hi @Naledi, there is a way to suppress this kind of error yes, it's a bit hacky mind.

Prior to the sort tool, or probably more appropriately after your cross tabs, union the data stream with a text input which contains the expected headers.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks Ben, that seems to work =)