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How to update run command tool command arguments from workflow


Hi Alteryx community,


I'm using a run command tool to execute a VBS file, hence, I run "wscript.exe" and as command argument, I input the location of my VBS.


However, the location of the VBS file is generated along my workflow. How do I update my run command tool with the correct directory of my file?


I played around with a batch macro, control parameter and actions tools but I don't see how I actually update the arguments value?


Could somebody please help me on how to do this?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Here's some help:

Workflow constants should do the trick.


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I finally found how to properly update my run command tool with the interface tools (my bad). Nevertheless, the constants help document is a very nice thing to know, thanks a lot!


Please share how you did this? 


I created a batch macro containing the run command tool only. The run command tool is updated using the control parameter tool.


Thereby, you have a marco where the only input is your control parameter.


Generate a branch in your workflow that contains the location of the file to be executed via the run command tool and send that to your batch macro.