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Formatting number field (Decimal and Commas)

7 - Meteor



how to hide the decimals and adding commas without compromising the decimal in overall total


Datatype used is Double









In output decimal of .6 should not lose its value while calculating the numbers as it might give big variance when we sum huge data.








22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @hii_amit 


Why dont you have 2 columns one in Int (rounded off) one in double (decimals)


Use Int for display. Use double for calculation filter it out later.


Or do the calculation before when field is double after calculation change it to Int(Round)


Just a thought😅 Hope this helps🙂

7 - Meteor

data is quite huge, hence cant create additional columns, moreover this is required in as excel output, hence don't think it will work. as we don't want to see decimals in excel but don't want to loose the value as well.


9 - Comet

Did you try using the reporting tools? 


Pass the data to create a table using the Table tool, inside here, make sure the double fields you have are set to display 0 decimals.


Then render the table with the Render tool


In the output you will see whole numbers, but when you click on the cell you should see the decimals.

7 - Meteor

I am generating 8 to 10 sheets in 1 single excel file using output tool

if i will use the render tool i think i cant create that much sheets as column count in some sheets is close to 400, reporting tool wont support that

9 - Comet

If you want to use VBS script, you can write it to convert the format of the columns to Number, that will keep the decimal value (195.1) , but it will display (195) 

So you can generate the output and on the events tab, you ask alteryx to use Cscript to run a vbs that will change the format of columns your files.

7 - Meteor

Hi @j_acon May I ask if we could use Table tool to show the percentage as output, e.g 12% instead of 0,12? If I choose Overwritten excel file with preserve formatting option, it works. But I want to ask specific if the Table tool could do it or not.

8 - Asteroid

You might use the toString([Field1], 0, ",", "."), then Select Tool to convert the column to "double"

9 - Comet

@thuyduongnguyen You can add Suffix on the column configuration in of the Table tool. 

17 - Castor

@j_aconis totally correct! use the suffix section of column configuration and add a "%"


one quick thing - if you need to multiply it beforehand you can use a formula to do round([percentage,.0001)*100 to get a more standard percentage look and feel. General consensus is that you cannot use the formula block in column rows to do this - so do it in a previous formula so .12 is 12% not .12%.