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Filtering based on multiple string values

8 - Asteroid

hi all,


i am looking to filter Job titles in original file based on a select few Job titles. i potentially can use contains (JT,"abc:) or contains (JT, "xyz) in formula but i want to avoid that since its manual entry as well as the list of Job titles to search can be as many as 50 to 70 different values (original file may contain upto 1000 Job titles).


is there any other way to do this ? Looking for a dynamic way as well were i can add a text file of the Job titles and filter of that (it needs to be contains because Job Titles may not always be a exact match for me to use IN statement).



Job Titles to Filter : Software Engineer , Lead QA Analyst


Based on above titles to filter, it should only filter and show Job Number 1,2,3 and 5.

Original File


Job Number   Title

1  Software Engineer

2 Software Engineer II

3 Dev Ops Software Engineer

4 Site Manager

5 QA Analyst





7 - Meteor

if you use the JOIN tool, and join on the job title field then the 'J' output is going to be only Job titles that appear in both data sources - which is in effect like filtering. 


The downside here would be exact matches only - is that a problem? If so you could take a clunkier approach and use the find/replace tool to create a new column (think of it as a 'match' column) which you could then filter using the normal filter tool.