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Field Size Limitation when connecting to Hive Server

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We are currently storing our click stream data in Hive Server.


Its a JSON string stored in single column, and hence the width of the column may go up to 1000 Characters.


However, when I connect Alteryx Input Node using ODBC Driver for Hive, the output is truncated to 255 characters.

I also tried the In-DB connection for Hive server. While the data is fully read in this case, as soon as I use data stream out - the column width again gets truncated at 255 characters.


The select, auto field tools etc will not help since the issue is at input node level itself.


Any suggestions on how to deal with this?


If you see the attached screenshot, I am calculating length of each record and then summarizing a max of length.

The above activity is done using In-DB tools, as well as usual tools after exporting the data using Data Stream Out.


The output for in db browse tool is 740, while that for usual browse tool is 255.length query.jpg


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Hi @anujaymathur,


You can change the default size through the ODBC driver.


1. Open Data Sources (ODBC)

2. Locate Hive data source and click on Configure

3. On Simba Hive ODBC Driver DSN Setup, click on Advanced Options...

4. Change Default string column to ahigher value


Hive Default string column.png


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer 

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Thanks so much for the screenshots of a solution with the ODBC Driver.


Would you mind pointing me to the ODBC Driver to make these settings adjustments?


I am using the Input tool with an ODBC and don't see how I can get to the ODBC Driver settings to change Default string column length.


Need I use Connect in DB instead of the Input or Dynamic Input tool?

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I'm asking b/c when I pull in some string fields from querying with SQL to an ODBC, a string field is getting truncated ☹


@dmccandless To adjust your ODBC driver configuration:


1. Open 'ODBC Data Sources' on your computer

2. Select your Hive DSN and click 'Configure


3. Follow the screenshots above to edit your driver settings. 


Hope this helps!