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Error when writing output to Sharepoint using Sharepoint Files ouptut tool

5 - Atom

Hi All,

I have recently installed the Sharepoint Files Output tool, was able to connect to our company's sharepoint and i would like to create a workflow that writes its output to the Sharepoint. I Created a Sample workflow just to try it out but i keep receiving the following error : 

Error: SharePoint Files Output (3): Selected extension does not match with file extension. 



My input file is an xlsx file and am trying to write it out as xlsx as well.


I tried to play around with the tool's config , changed the ouput to csv , changed the input and nothing seems to get rid of this error.

Please Checkout the attached images and let me know if am missing something

thank you


14 - Magnetar

You probably need to insert the file extension on the field where you type the file name. And this should match what you have under the file format drop down. 

5 - Atom

Thank you for your reply. I checked this several times and it matched. And Actually i solved this problem by adding a file to our sharepoint and setting the configuration to overwrite this file everytime i run the workflow as i dont need to create new files.