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Detour Based on Condition




I have an input file with ID and other fields in Analytical App workflow.

When at least one ID exists, I would like to go through "ID exists" container.  When all ID is empty, I would like to go through "ID empty" container. 

Detour Based on Condition.png

Would it be possible to bypass a process based on condition?


I attached a very simple sample workflow.


Thank you,




Alteryx Certified Partner

You will not be able to update the Detour tool from values within the datastream. This is possible to do with chained application, but that is an unnecessary complication.


I recommend using the datastream to determine the subsequent action for all records, then appending that binary value to all records and using a filter tool. A Select tool can remove that field downstream and the results from both sides can be recombined with a Union tool.


I have attached an example solution. 


Thank you, @CharlieS!