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Datetime approximate match between two sources


Hi alteryx community,


I am trying to match the two data sources based on the vehicle ID and date time.


1. Bookings - These are taxi meter off times

2. Trips - These are the taxi payment transaction times.


At first I thought I could use fuzzy match to do this but found out that fuzzy match works best for string, address etc. and not for date time.


Any suggestions how I could do this?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @coreyho,

joining them on vehicle id and datetime will help i guess. i am attaching the solved workflow. see if it helps

Alteryx Certified Partner



You could check out this post form last week which has a method you can use to find approximate matches with dates.



Hi Ben,


Thanks for the post!


Looks like this is the most plausible solution. I am using this method but still working on rest of workflow to get the output I need.




Hi Bharti,


Yes, essentially, we can join on Vehicle ID and datetime but need to first create the multiple datetimes based on method by Ben.


Thanks for your response.