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Date Formatting




I have searched this Knowledge Center for days and still cannot figure out how to format a column which is in a Decimal format (20170131) to a date format (1/31/2017) or ANY date format for that matter. I cannot figure it out. Alteryx will not allow me to change the format to string or anything else.  I know this cannot be that hard but I have wasted way too much time trying to answer.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The easiest way is to use a select tool to change the type from a Decimal to a string format

And then use a DateTime tool to convert it to an Alteryx Date column


You can use another DateTime tool to reformat the output as you need.


Have attached a sample (but it is saved from v11)


Thanks jdunkerley79 for the reply.  I tried that numerous times/ ways and it would not let me go from decimal to string then to date.  I may have found a solution by first LEFT([CREATE_DATE],4)+'-'+SUBSTRING([CREATE_DATE],4,2)+'-'+RIGHT([CREATE_DATE],2) my date into a string then I can easily change this to a date.  I am still working it but it looks like I may have a solution.  Thanks.

hello I have a question related to your topic 


i have a date in Excel Arabic format 18--04-1438 I would like to change the format to 14380408 how I can do that ?