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Add column to output

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Does anyone know how to add a column to output generated after running a workflow?


I've extracted some data from a SQL Server database using the "in-database" tool and I'd like to add a column to that output to show the current date that the data was extracted (e.g. getdate()) ). The column will basically have the same value for all rows each time it's run, but will be different when run on different dates (hope this makes sense).


Thank you!




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Provided I understand what you want correctly you can do this using the IN-DB Formula tool and the getdate() function. Configured as below, this will add a column to your in-db data stream with the day the workflow was run. If you want to add it after getting the data stream out of the in-db tools, you can do something similar with the formula tool and the alteryx formula DateTimeNow() instead of GETDATE() [EDIT: you should probably update the type from Double to DateTime....I forgot to do this)


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This has worked, thank you!