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results window not displaying data anymore

8 - Asteroid

i am not sure what happened but i used to be able to click on the green arrow to preview my results.  now this has stopped working. every time i  click the green arrow leaving the module to preview results it says no data available press control R to run the workflow. i am using 10.6. This must be an option or setting i can change. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

7 - Meteor

I got mine worked out. 

My situation was, I had a analytic app and then saved as a yxmd. But I wasn't aware that the workflow type was still an Analytic App. So first, make sure your are running a standard Workflow.



Then, make sure your Runtime setting looks like this. I used to have Disable All Browse Tools and Disable All Tools that Write Output checked. But after I changed to the following options, it works well.



7 - Meteor

Thanks for the simplest response. Everything was working and then results disappeared.