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can you append records to an existing alteryx database (yxdb)?

7 - Meteor

I'm looking to add records to an alteryx database each week from another data source. One way would be to create a new yxdb each week, but that doesn't seem like the best option. Is there a way to simply append the new records each week? I'm new to Alteryx, so I might be missing something very simple.


Unfortunately with a yxdb, there is no append data functionality.  You will need to import the datafile into Alteryx, append your new records there, and then resave the datafile.
10 - Fireball
If you are looking to overwrite the same file, it's not that hard. You would use an Input to bring in the yxdb file you already have, another one to bring in your new data, and then a Union tool to bring them together (I'm assuming the column format stays the same). Once together, add a Block Until Done tool and then an Output tool. Point the Output tool to your original yxdb file and choose yes to overwrite. This will read in your data and combine it and once that's completely done, will then write back to the original yxdb without any errors. Since this is overwriting your original data, I would suggest adding a Browse tool under the Input tools so that you have the ability to save the original data back out. Hope this helps!
7 - Meteor
This feature would be really important as well and it would be great to be able to write and append to Alteryx own format
16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula
Bringing in the data, unioning, blocking til done, and re-outputting can take hours if you have a huge YXDB.  The functionality to simply append would be very beneficial to some of us.  I actually posted an idea for this back in 2013.  Go to "" and vote for it.  Maybe if it gets enough votes, they'll add the functionality.
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I also have a similar issue and would love to have a feature to append to Alteryx DB.

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Appending records to .yxdb has been requested before, therefore you may find the following article useful:


Tara McCoy
5 - Atom


5 - Atom

Tried this technique and it worked great for me. Thanks! I agree with everyone else on this thread that an incremental append option would ideal in the data output tool.

8 - Asteroid

I am very new to Alteryx. Trying to implement the incremental Update in my project and looking for the same.

Is this already added feature or not sure as of now. 


if not added, I would recommend this idea.