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calc distance between all possible combinations

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I want to know if the following can be done on Alteryx, if yes, how?

I have 2 lists of locations in Excel (I have their latitudes and longitudes). I want to calculate the distance between all possible combinations that can be made between list 1 and 2. and then I want to know which of the locations in list 2 are closest to locations in list 1.

I know this can be done using the haversine formula in excel, but my list is too large for excel to handle.


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Hey Garad,

I believe what you need is a "Cortesian Product" or Combination of your locations - everything to everything. Simple 3 steps:


1. Add a dummy column with a Formula tool say "JoinBy" = 1 to both tables

2. Use Join tool and use the JoinBy column as merger

3. Use the Distance tool now!


Let me know if you need more assistance.



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16 - Nebula



Here is what I recommend

1. Use the Create Points tool to turn your lat/longs into spatial objects

2. Use the Append Fields tool to attach every record in set 1 with every record in set 2

3. Use the Distance tool to calculate the distance between each pair of points

4. Sort your data by distance

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Correct, Append in this case will work same as join on all!