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Using In-Database tool to get the most recent date

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Hi All,


Is there a way to get the most recent date partitioned by master date using In-database tool? I am trying to avoid using non-In-database tools since dataset is huge and want to avoid additional run time.


Sample In-db doesn't have group by option so I thought if there is a way to achieve the same using Formula-In db or any other db tool. My case looks like this -


Annotation 2019-12-17 092957.png 


i'd appreciate any suggestions.



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Hi @Shivam ,


Attached is an example showing how to get that done. In my example, I'm using only tools and formulas available in in-database tools.


Let me know if that works for you.


Fernando Vizcaino

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I believe you might be able to use a formula tool to create a flagging field for the samples you want (1 if first date in grouped by master date rows) and follow that by a filter in-db, but it will require some level of SQL code in the formula tool.

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Thanks @fmvizcaino  and @prozanini. I used window function in In-formula and In-filter tool to get the desired output.