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Union Join tool causes field to lose it position?

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Hello Community!


I have three sections in my workflow, and they're all Fixed Length, when output it is required the fields to be in the right position. I use .flat as the method for this.


And using Union tool to join the three sections by position. But when doing this, this the fields lost it position. If I output the each section separately, then the fields are in the right position. 


is this a bug with Union or it is by design? if it is by design, what alternate option to make the fields stay in the right position?




This is an example of the field position correct and incorrect






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Have you tried the manually configure fields setting on the first drop down, instead of the auto config by position?  I usually find that works the best for a lot of unions that I need to use it for.

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@lwolfie thank you for the suggestion, that did the trick! 

that's odd how it behaves differently auto vs manual.