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Unable to run the workflow through Private Gallery

7 - Meteor



I have created a workflow to track daily matrix.  The workflow uses an ad hoc table and SQL query.  The output of the SQL query is added to the table using Union and then the output is stored as the same table by dropping the table and creating the table with same name.  This is so that next day when I run the workflow, I have previous day's data.  Please see attached screenshot.


The reason I had to do this is because I do not have Write access to the tables.


I scheduled this workflow in my company's private gallery.  When the workflow runs through gallery per the schedule - it gives an error that "Error creating a table - Table already exists". But, when I download the workflow and run it through desktop.  It works fine.


Any idea why this could be?




Hi @maniruddha,  Most likely the server is set to run the workflow as a service account not with your credentials.  The service account may not have permissions to drop a table.  There is a way to configure the server to allow you to run workflows as your user account.  You may want to move this question from the designer discussion to the server discussion group to help others. 


Here is the help documentation to configure.

7 - Meteor

Thank you so much!  I will move this question